Anton Platonov: “Trebushet” and “ Yatrichnik”

In our previous article we talked about Anton Platonov – a man who makes different musical instruments, makes his own investigations and experiments in revealing ancient musical instruments and performs music with his 2 music groups “Trebushet” and “Yatrishnik”. We have already mentioned these groups but now let’s talk more precisely about them.


The groups “Trebushet” performs loud old European music with windpipes, drums and other instruments. And also west European folk music (Ireland, Scotland, England, Galicia, France)


The songs of the time of sailing fleet, songs and instrumental music of Ireland, Scotland, England and Galicia. The group usually performs in pubs.

Ganna - voice, Gaita Gallega, Irish tinwhistle, bodhran
Anton - voice, Irish Bouzouki (strings), low-whistle, big Scottish windpipe
Lida - fiddle, castanets, voice
Natasha - double bass, voice
Piotr – big Scottish windpipe


Loud music of Middle Ages and Renaissance, west European folk music.

Ganna - Gaita Galega), big medieval windpipe (dudelsak, МА-sackpfeife), flutes, duncar, buizin.
Anton - rauschpfeifs, bouzouks, duncar, buizin, zurna.


Yatrishnik” – traditional songs and music of Kuban performed with traditional Russian folk music instruments.

Ganna – voice, pipes whistles, zhaleikas, pishchik, tambourine.

Anton – voice, strings, accordion, kalyuka, whistle etc.

Lida – violin


Let’s talk to Anton Platonov and ask him and ask him more details about his groups.

- How did “Yatrishnik” and ‘Trebushet” appear?

- The musical projects appeared after the meeting with my wife in 2001. “Trebushet” with its name and music style was formed in 2008, “Yatrishnik” – a little later (thought the name appeared much earlier). Today the people who play in “Trebushet” – I, Ganna and Lida. In “Yatrishnik” – the same people plus Oleg Arevkov from Moscow. How we chose the music style is a very difficult question. We dont know how to answer it. We have the main definition method – if like it. So this is how we work.

- What were your first performances? What music did you play at the beginning?

- Everything started with Irish and Scottish traditional music. Then step by step Galician, English folk music, medieval and renaissance music appeared. We should put a special accent on the songs of the sailors of the sailing fleet times. We have recently released an album with these songs, it is called «Sea Songs And Shanties». We live in Novorossiysk, it is a seaport, with interesting history. The atmosphere here helps to play such music.
A little later we started to divide “Trebushet” in styles. Loud music with windpipes and drums remained under the title “Trebushet”. And the music of British Isles, songs and ballads of sailors are now under the roof of “Trebushet-Sailors”. Now
we have to make such a division. The renaissance music and Irish ceili-dances with ballads are very different in sounding and history.
- How often do you play, where are you usually invited to and where do you like to play most of all?

- Most of all we like to make club concerts in Rostov-on-Don. People are very active there and they come to listen to us in the pub “Cork”. Everyone dances, sings songs. It is very cool there. In summer we are invited to different historical festivals. We visit some festivals every year. The best festival for Late Middle Ages and Renaissance is “Schtallenschturm” (Tula city), we have played there already 4 years.
- Do you have any plans for the similar projects?

- yes, we have many ideas. But don’t have enough time and people for them. For example I have a project “Accordion and Anton”. I sing late cossack songs and play accordion. I sing the songs of Russian-Japanese War, First World War, Second World War and other folk songs. I already thought that I need to release a few albums, but when I will do it – I don’t know. Because now “Trebushet” is above all and all efforts are spent on it. “Yatrishnik” has an interesting subproject “Milhueghin” (yatrichnik in Adyghe language, yatrishnik in Russian means orchis). We play ancient music of Adyghes (Circassians). But for now more the business did not get farer than I record and performances for ourselves.
- Do you work with other musicians at your performances? Do you have friends with whom you like to perform?

- We prefer not to say “work” about music. We play music (laughing). Now we perform without anyone’s help. We almost don’t have any other groups of the same type in our region. And we seldom play in other regions. We have friends. First of all it isMusic Radikum”. We have been friends for a long time. In 2010 we were one group for a little time. There are also good guys “Ardens” from Krasnodar. They play mittel-alter.
- How do you evaluate the development of music in reenactment in CIS?

- It is hard to speak about CIS, there good groups in Ukraine, but I know Russia better so I would speak about it. The development of music in reenactment is rather bad than good. Nothing new and interesting appeared last years. There became even less good music. Viktor Rybalskiy from “Music Radikum” passed away, he died. A big strike for our business and for us personally. Unfortunately most of the organizers of historical festivals either do not understand anything in traditional music or try to save money on music expenses. As a result most of the festival either don’t have live music at all, or the groups which are far from understanding historical music are invited. The reenactors have already learnt how to differentiate synthetics from real natural tissue, but how to differentiate good historical music – not yet.


We can often hear a lot of groups at the festivals which play folk rock – folk music with modern “metal” cover, but high-quality folk music, real traditional music played with traditional music instruments with good vocal is seldom heard. To play such music one should do something more than just love music. To do it one should know a lot about culture and traditions, make investigations and researches, experiment with music instruments, that’s what Anton Platonov is doing successfully. Only that way the music would be not only beautiful but also historically correct, that is very important for the format of any event, which positions itself as a reenactment event.



The workshop of Anton Platonov

Groups - Group Trebushet - Group Yatrishnik - workshop of music instruments


Oleg Labirin

Photo taken from the private archive of Anton Platonov





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