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Vikings: new findings in North America

Vikings: new findings in North America

The Vikings were on the east coast of North America – this  fact that left no doubt, after the discovery of traces in Newfoundland. However, the archaeologists have searched for more evidence of this fact. And recently they found a settlement of horrifying sailors in the New World.

Hundreds of years later the descendants of the settlers of L'Ans-of-Meadows appeared in the Arctic Circle on Baffin Island. About a thousand years ago in this region Vikings lived and traded. These facts were presented at an archaeological conference in Canada in October this year.

Viking's history says that they came to North America, where the representatives of Dorset culture (early Eskimo culture, which disappeared in 1400) were living at that time. The Icelandic legends tell about the heroic stories of the leaders of the Vikings, including the governor of Greenland Leif Erikson, who reached the new land. He named it Hellulandom that on the Old Norse means «the flat land."

A group of archaeologists have unearthed a variety of household tools, including the stones for sharpening knives and swords. According to the analysis they have traces of bronze and copper alloys – which were known in Europe.

The existence of another Viking settlement, according to National Geographic, archaeologists have guessed in 1999, when in the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Quebec where were two pieces of rope found on Baffin Island, they started to explore it. Archeologists have noticed that little rope wasn't like twisted tendons of animals, which are usually used by the indigenous inhabitants of the continent. The excavation was lucky to find other examples of devices, for example, dimensional wooden slats.

Excavations were carried out in four places - on the islands Avayyalik (Avayalik) and three points on Baffin Island: the Valley Tenfild (Tanfield Valley), on the island of Willows (Willows Island) and north-west of Labrador.

Thanks to them, archaeologists have resumed excavations in the Valley Tenfild. Here in 1960 the archaeologist Moreau Maxwell discovered the remains of a stone building, which was "very difficult to interpret."

Since 2001, the party has found a lot of archaeological evidence of the Vikings in these places: fragments of rat skins from Europe, whalebone shovel, similar to those which Greenlanders cut sod, large boulders, processed in the European manner, ropes and sharpening stones. Moreover, the destroyed buildings are strikingly similar to the house of the Vikings in Greenland.

Archaeologists suggest that the Vikings sailed to the Canadian Arctic in search of riches. It is possible that the Indians and the Vikings were trading partners. If the hypothesis is correct, then it can possibly open a new chapter in the history of the New World.

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Vera Nevinskaya

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